Better NAS Backup Recovery Point Objective (RPO) with Changelist Snapshots

Although NDMP has long been the de facto approach for protecting NAS data, some limitations have led Rubrik to choose a different approach from day 1, leveraging NFS and SMB instead. To ensure that customers are able to reliably protect their data and recover quickly from data corruption and data loss, Rubrik takes an approach that obviates the need for complex NDMP implementations.

Three-phase Approach

NAS protection with Rubrik utilizes a three-phase approach. Each phase is optimized using modern techniques such as snapshot API integration, data partitioning, and parallel file streaming.

The Rubrik three-phase approach for NAS protection includes:

  • Scan: Rubrik identifies which files need to be protected for full or incremental backups.
  • Fetch: Rubrik takes the list of files from the Scan phase and reads them over the NAS protocol.
  • Copy: Rubrik compresses, encrypts, and writes the data to either the Rubrik cluster or, using NAS Direct Archive, to an archive location on-premises or in the cloud.

Read more about Rubrik’s three-phase approach in Pierre-Francois Guglielmi’s full blog here

For a deeper dive into Rubrik NAS backup,

download the Technical White Paper “Protecting NAS at Scale with Rubrik” here.

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