Satisfied customers provide the most effective recommendations

Satisfied customers provide the most effective recommendations

As a Quest partner, you have a valuable perspective on how One Identity Safeguard is used and evaluated in real-world conditions. That’s why Quest is asking you to survey your customers about their experiences – so other businesses can benefit and become new customers.

Taking part is easy

Taking part definitely only takes a few minutes. Take advantage of this opportunity to make it easier for potential new customers who want to secure and modernise their business to choose One Identity Safeguard. Quest is asking all partners to reach out to their Safeguard customers to submit a review.

Each customer who submits a review will receive a $25 gift card. The partner with the most reviews will receive a $1,000 thank you gift. The deadline for submissions is 15 January 2022.

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One Identity Safeguard at a glance  

One Identity Safeguard provides organisations with the ability to store, manage, audit and analyse privileged access. Here is an overview of the key benefits:

  • Automated discovery of privileged accounts on hosts, in directories and on the network.
  • Store privileged passwords in an appliance to increase security and speed deployment.
  • Recording of activities – down to keystrokes, mouse movements and windows displayed.
  • Real-time monitoring of traffic, supported by automated actions.
  • All activites are captured, indexed and stored in time-stamped and signed files for forensic and compliance purposes.
  • Replay of any recorded activity, including situational context.