Picus Continuous Security Validation

Exclusive Networks Switzerland expands its Cyber Security Portfolio with the Picus Security Continuous Security Validation technology to deliver an “automated cyber-threat simulation and mitigation” solution for resale through its partners.

Regardless of all investments in security control technologies, managing enterprise cybersecurity risks today has become a complex problem affecting each level, from C-Suite to engineers. To address this problem, Picus Continuous Security Validation technology continuously validates corporate defences to reveal security gaps, provides a measurement dashboard clearly revealing the live security status and goes beyond current offerings in the market by proactively suggesting fixes to mitigate threats in real-time.

The automated, continuous and real-time security validation solution by Picus Security

  • Assesses the effectiveness of existing security controls against emerging threats by safely mimicking both the attacker and the victim in real attack scenarios in production networks
  • Measures the effectiveness of security defences continuously and pinpoints strong and weak points of the defence layers supporting security operations with actionable metrics
  • Mitigates risk by supporting teams in the response to threats and vulnerabilities in a timely manner with up-to-date vendor-specific mitigation steps

For more information on how to increase cyber resilience with continuous validation and mitigation and a new approach for better security please click here or contact your Exclusive Networks Account Manager.