SIEM Efficiency with Breach and Attack Simulation

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a key technology in managing cyber risk. In the last 15 years, enterprises have been allocating large sums to SIEM solutions in both capital and operational budget lines. Nevertheless, industry surveys year after year reveal that SIEM users are not satisfied with their investments.

SIEM solutions are pointed out to be difficult to manage, noisy and lag to detect malicious activities. Concepts such as “intelligence-driven SOC”, “orchestration and automation”, and “managed SIEM” help alleviate some of the challenges but fall short in ensuring consistent, precise, and timely detection performance.

Proactive validation is the only reliable way to use SIEM platforms efficiently. Acquiring continuous, regular, and ad-hoc validation capabilities based on real cyber-attack emulations helps identify gaps in SIEM functions and opens up many opportunities in pre-empting real attacks.

From this angle, enterprise-grade Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Platforms take adversary emulation to another level. BAS platforms:

  • can apply threat-centric analytics to identify detection gaps at the adversary behavior level
  • can automate and therefore diversify emulation to thousands of scenarios
  • provide detection and prevention content for instant risk mitigation
  • enable purple teaming as an easily repeatable capability

Download this Picus Security Whitepaper to read more about five key SIEM use cases Breach and Attack Simulation Platforms offer.

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