Silver Peak Named a Leader in 2019 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Gartner published its 2019 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure, and once again Silver Peak has been positioned in the Leader’s quadrant.

There is broad recognition that SD-WAN, while foundational, is only a piece of what is required to build a modern WAN. Also, enterprises are realizing that the differences across various vendors’ approaches are much greater than what they initially thought.

Silver Peak have seen a major shift in how enterprises justify WAN transformation initiatives. For the last few years, much of the focus has been on cost-savings by reducing a range of costs that include:

  • Transport costs by leveraging more economical internet bandwidth to augment or replace MPLS
  • Branch capital equipment costs by consolidating routing, optimization and security functionality into a single WAN edge device
  • Ongoing operations costs by leveraging advanced automation capabilities

While all of these factors continue to be important, Silver Peak are seeing a new driver of WAN transformation.

More enterprises are coming to the realization that successful digital transformation requires WAN transformation. While the internet and cloud-accessible, shared services provide compelling economics and agility, they come at the expense of control over the quality of experience. A new WAN is required to deliver not just the economic benefits of the cloud, but also to provide a way of extending the application availability and quality associated with MPLS and dedicated data centers to cloud-delivered applications.

At Silver Peak, they talk about this in terms of a Multiplier Effect. By making an internet-based WAN work better, delivering a consistent, high-quality end-user experience, Silver Peak can make a whole host of cloud initiatives more successful. They eliminate the loss of control of user experience that is often associated with internet access. It’s about realizing the full potential of moving to the cloud and delivering a Multiplier Effect on cloud application investments. By improving the performance, control and reliability of cloud applications and infrastructure investments while gaining the economics and agility of the cloud and broadband technology, enterprises gain higher levels of business productivity. This, in turn, can help drive revenue growth, competitive differentiation and even profitability.

Read David Hughes’ full article here or download here the Gartner Report.

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