Delivering a Better Branch Office User Experience for Microsoft Office 365

Increase end user productivity for Office 365 through optimized application performance and higher network reliability with the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform.

Microsoft Office 365 is a distributed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application suite that provides productivity and collaboration solutions through a diverse set of micro-services and applications. To deliver the highest quality of experience for Office 365, Microsoft recommends that organizations enable secure local internet breakout for their Office 365 application traffic directly from their branch offices. The use of local breakout eliminates the latency incurred by backhauling cloud-destined traffic back to corporate data centers, improving application performance for end users.

Microsoft Office 365 Connectivity Principles recommend that organizations architect their WAN to enable their branch locations to forward traffic directly to the nearest Microsoft Global Network PoP. By doing so, customers can achieve optimal Office 365 connectivity and performance by reducing the round-trip time (RTT), thus minimizing latency.

The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN Edge Platform has been independently tested and certified to support the Microsoft Office 365 Connectivity Principles and provide reliable connections directly from branch office locations to the nearest Office 365 entry point. As a result of the independent testing, the EdgeConnect platform has been inducted into the Microsoft 0ffice 365 Networking Partner Program and has been given the official “Works with Office 365” designation. By supporting the new Office 365 REST API, EdgeConnect enables secure internet traffic breakout for latency sensitive traffic directly from the branch office to the Office 365 entry point using the Office 365 endpoint data. Office 365 endpoint data is a global list of IP addresses and fully qualified domain names (FQDN) that is continuously updated and made available on a regular basis through the Office 365 REST API.

Some of the benefits include

  • Improve Office 365 application performance using Silver Peak centrally orchestrated business intent overlay policies and secure local internet breakout capabilities
  • Deliver unprecedented application visibility and performance for Office 365 through Silver Peak First-packet iQTM application classification and automated integration with the new Office 365 REST API
  • Increase operational efficiency, reduce latency and provide secure network connectivity for Office 365 by dynamically steering traffic to the nearest Office 365 entry point

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