Software Firewalls Update

Palo Alto Networks has announced several new capabilities ranging from new features, plugins and qualifications for software firewalls (VM-Series and CN-Series) delivered in the last month. They also released the VM-Series Plugin 2.0.6 and Pan OS 10.0.5 MR release to improve the quality of software firewalls by addressing several known issues.

New capabilities include

Get More Packet Egress/Ingress Options with AWS Overlay Routing

Now you can allow packets in your AWS environment to enter the VM-Series firewall through one interface  – and exit through another. Overlay routing flexibility with VM-Series and AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) integration lets you use a two-zone policy to inspect traffic arriving and leaving through different interfaces.

Find Expanded CN-Series Support

The industry’s first container NGFW keeps expanding its capabilities that are vital for securing containers. And that’s critical in light of news that Kubernetes is deprecating Docker as a container runtime after v1.20. The CN-Series Kubernetes 1.19 version qualification covers managed K8s services such as AKS (which defaults to containerD), EKS, GKE, Openshift, and self-managed K8s clusters. Plus, new topology enhancements can be found in the Openshift 4.6 qualification for existing automation and support of full end-to-end deployments.

See VM-Series on IBM Cloud Qualification Details

Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtual NGFWs now protect your IBM Cloud workloads with next-generation security features.

Plugin Updates for NSX and Azure

Palo Alto Networks has announced two new Panorama plugins specific to VMware NSX and Microsoft Azure. The NSX Plugin – 3.2.1 MR provides critical customer bug fixes and feature enhancements, such as workarounds for a number of HA failover situations. The Azure Plugin 3.0.1 MR resolves various issues.

Understand Top Hybrid Cloud Security Challenges in New ESG Research Report

How do your peers in other organizations and industries manage hybrid cloud challenges? Read this recently published, research-backed white paper to find out. Authored by analyst firm ESG, this in-depth asset provides a look at top concerns and why a range of security teams anticipate both direct and indirect cost savings with virtual and containerized firewalls.

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