Tanium and Netskope: Delivering Continuous Device Classification

Tanium and Netskope: Delivering Continuous Device Classification

Netskope is a leading provider of cloud security with its security service edge, single-pass architecture. Using clients to steer traffic to the Internet through the Netskope Security Cloud means that customers can securely enable data moving into and out of the distributed corporate environment. But this traffic has to originate from an endpoint—and endpoints can be compromised. How do organizations know whether SaaS traffic originating from an endpoint is potentially compromised or at risk?

Netskope has chosen to partner with Tanium, a platform that provides IT and security leaders visibility and control across all endpoints in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Their approach delivers accurate, complete, and up-to-date endpoint data. Tanium’s platform provides IT asset inventory management capabilities combined with a suite of other patching and compliance tools to ensure that assets are correctly provisioned, maintained, and managed. Tanium can examine endpoint posture to an astonishing degree, surfacing deployed vulnerability patches (or their absence), software levels, and brands (or their absence) running or just installed, just to name a few examples.

The integration between Netskope and Tanium enables joint customers to leverage Tanium’s high-fidelity endpoint data and user-friendly natural language search capabilities to determine if an endpoint’s overall posture equates to “compliant,” “safe,” or “managed.” These endpoint posture dispositions, determined either one-time or on a recurring basis, would drive a decision to have Netskope treat that endpoint differently than a non-compliant, risky, or unmanaged device. Utilizing adaptive policy controls, the user of that non-compliant device may not be able to download or upload files while the device is in a “risky” posture, but can still perform basic functions–such as browsing the web, sending email, etc.

Joint customers can leverage this integration and relationship to drive a continuous near real-time endpoint enforcement approach to access web, apps, and cloud resources, giving Netskope a key additional piece of context in adaptive policy controls to map users’ cloud and data activities to their level of risk.

Source: blog by David Willis here (https://www.netskope.com/blog/tanium-and-netskope-delivering-continuous-device-classification).

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