Tanium Comply improves Vulnerability Management

Tanium Comply Improves Vulnerability Management

Legacy vulnerability tools prevent you from gathering fast and accurate results, thus forcing you to follow a suboptimal approach. This is because legacy vulnerability assessment tools are:

  • Slow: They take days or weeks to complete scans, and serve stale data.
  • Siloed: They are point solutions that don’t work well together, and isolate security and operations teams.
  • Inefficient: They consume heavy bandwidth and impact network performance.
  • Limited: They produce blind spots and do not prioritize the risks they find.

With Tanium Comply, your vulnerability management process will become:

  • Fast: You can scan large, distributed endpoint environments in minutes.
  • Unified: You will give your security and operations teams a single source of truth and action.
  • Efficient: You will minimize network load and impact with distributed edge computing.
  • Comprehensive: You will create visibility into your endpoints and the risks they carry.

The result: Tanium Comply makes vulnerability assessments easier to identify vulnerabilities and orchestrate remediation to strengthen vulnerability management.

When you perform vulnerability assessments with Tanium Comply, you will…

  1. Reduce network blind spots with comprehensive scanning
  2. Identify and scan unmanaged IP-enabled devices
  3. Deliver real-time intelligence for prioritization and compliance
  4. Unify siloed teams within your organization on one platform
  5. Run one-click reports to simplify audit preparation
  6. Increase Comply coverage for more complete vulnerability assessment
  7. Reduce endpoints with critical or high vulnerabilities
  8. Streamline your vulnerability management
  9. Eliminate the need for hundreds or thousands of servers
  10. Launch Tanium Comply in hours or days — not weeks or months

Read the full blog by David Irwin, Product Manager, Tanium, here or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to find out how you can improve your vulnerability management with Tanium Comply.