Minding the IT Gaps

Global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach $2.3 trillion by 2023. Despite the many investments in IT and emerging technology, organizations still struggle with fundamental IT hygiene and how best to manage and secure the enterprise environment.

IT hygiene and investment strategies in the past have led to siloed teams and major gaps in business resilience, visibility and accountability. A unified endpoint management and security approach can help close those gaps.

Clearly, businesses must rethink how they approach endpoint management and security, which is where a majority of IT challenges occur. The good news is that it’s also where those challenges can be solved with a sound technology risk-management strategy that uses two fundamental principles, both focused on the endpoint:

  • Unified endpoint management (UEM), through which teams can inventory, monitor, contextualize and remediate to achieve complete visibility into the state of all systems across the enterprise
  • Unified endpoint security (UES), through which teams can identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover immediately from all threats affecting cloud and virtual instances, including servers and systems that run both legacy and modern operating systems.

UEM and UES are complementary—and harmonious. When implemented together, they provide instant insight into the current state of technology, suggesting a simplified approach to technology management that closes gaps in visibility, resilience and accountability—dramatically reducing overall business risk.

Download this Tanium White Paper to learn:

  • Why a gap in visibility is creating a false sense of confidence for IT and security leaders
  • How trade-offs in security and IT operations leads to a gap in resilience
  • Why lack of collaboration between IT teams and business leadership is fostering the accountability gap
  • How a unified approach to IT management can close these gaps

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