Towards a comprehensive XDR strategy with Singularity Mobile from SentinelOne

Towards a comprehensive XDR strategy with Singularity Mobile from SentinelOne.

SentinelOne brings XDR to iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices with Singularity Mobile.

Brief background: the proliferation of hybrid working and BYOD policies has opened up a host of new attack surfaces for attackers. Many companies are responding by mandating the use of MDM (mobile device management) solutions. However, most MDM solutions do not include mobile threat defence or even basic protection features. This creates a deceptive sense of security.

With Singularity Mobile, SentinelOne offers an AI-powered mobile security solution that provides autonomous threat protection, detection and response for iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices. Using industry-leading, behavioural AI on the device to detect and defend against mobile malware, phishing, exploits and man-in-the-middle attacks, Singularity Mobile provides security and privacy to support Zero Trust at all levels.

Nicholas Warner, COO of SentinelOne:

“With today’s anywhere, anytime work, any endpoint – including mobile devices – is a potential target. It is critical that mobile devices such as Chromebooks have AI-powered defences to protect users and the enterprise as part of a Zero Trust framework. More and more companies are looking to close their BYOD and mobile security gaps.”

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