Transforming Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation with eyeSegment

Forescout’s new cloud-based offering, eyeSegment, will help organizations accelerate network segmentation projects, driven by the need to secure critical applications, mitigate increased exposure due to IoT devices, and limit the lateral movement and blast radius of threats across flat networks. EyeSegment extends the capabilities of the Forescout Platform to address organizations’ multi-use-case segmentation challenges and enables Zero Trust security across multiple network domains and enforcement technologies.

Visual Traffic Flows

Automatically map traffic flows to a logical taxonomy of users, applications, services and devices across the entire enterprise network without deploying agents

Design and Stimulate Policies

Proactively design and simulate policies as well as test the control impact on the environment before enforcing segmentation controls in order to avoid potential business disruption.

Monitor and Respond

Continuously monitor enterprise infrastructure controls and assure that segmentation controls are implemented and effectively enforcing policy across the extended enterprise.

Orchestrate Controls

Dynamically orchestrate segmentation policies and automate controls across heterogeneous enforcement technologies by leveraging Forescout eyeControl and eyeExtend products.

You can find out more about Forescout’s new eyeControl here or you can contact you local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.