Ultimate Security Operations Center Quick Start Guide

Ultimate Security Operations Center Quick Start Guide

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more common, more dangerous, and more difficult to detect and mitigate. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2021 Cost of Data Breaches study, organizations take 287 days on average to detect a breach, and more thana month to contain it. Companies of all sizes need a formal organizational structure that can take responsibility for information security and create an efficient process for detection, mitigation and prevention. This is where a security operations center (SOC) comes in.

Exabeam Fusion delivers Next-Gen SIEM and XDR for a SOC in a modular, cloud-delivered offering that enables customers to:

  • Integrate all disparate security data into a unified view
  • Improve productivity by reducing false positives with anomaly detection
  • Detect threats other tools miss, using market-leading behavioral analytics
  • Achieve successful outcomes with prescriptive, threat-centric, use case packages
  • Reduce the cost of security infrastructure with a cloud-delivered solution

Read Exabeam’s article “Security Operations Center: Ultimate SOC Quick Start Guide” here (https://www.exabeam.com/security-operations-center/security-operations-center-a-quick-start-guide/) to understand how a SOC works, main focus areas, team responsibilities, and get a quick guide to starting a SOC in your organization.

In the article, you will learn:

  • What is a security operations center (SOC)?
  • How do security operations centers work?
  • Focus areas of a SOC
  • SOC deployment models
  • Security operations center roles and responsibilities
  • Benefits of security operations centers
  • SOC challenges and how technology can help
  • Getting started with a SOC
  • The security maturity spectrum — Are you ready for a SOC?
  • The future of the SOC

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