What’s New in PAN-OS 9.1

Palo Alto Networks’ latest PAN-OS release continues the tradition of delivering integrated innovations. New features will help extend security into branch offices, apply security dynamically to users, and provide better visibility for mobile users connecting to networks.

Secure SD-WAN

Natively integrated connectivity and security on a single intuitive interface.

With industry-leading security natively integrated into Palo Alto Networks’ SD-WAN solution, you get all the security features from their Next-Generation Firewalls – powered by PAN-OS 9.1 – together with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and the SD-WAN functionality from a single vendor.

Dynamic User Groups

Dynamic Security Actions with Automated Enforcements

Automatically include users as members without manually creating and committing policy or group changes while maintaining user-to-data correlation at the device level before the firewall even scans the traffic. Configure and manage a single security policy to auto-remediate anomalous behavior and malicious activity while maintaining user visibility.

GlobalProtect Enhancements

PAN-OS 9.1 provides greater visibility, rapid troubleshooting, and enhanced logging enhancements to help monitor and rectify connection failures with GlobalProtect deployments.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager or Systems Engineer to find out more about the new PAN-OS features and about migrating installations to PAN-OS 9.1