What’s new with VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls

Palo Alto Networks continues to make deploying firewalls in public clouds faster and more efficient.

The newest developments include:

 Radically Simplified VM-Series Deployments in Azure

Building and operating firewall deployments in Azure is radically simpler with the availability of Panorama Orchestrated VM-Series Firewall Deployments in Azure.

 Consistent Enforcement of Security Policies in Azure with New Monitoring Enhancements

The Azure monitoring capabilities in the Panorama plugin for Azure have been extended to include Service, Subnet, VNET, and Load Balancer tags.

 Support for Dv3-series, Dsv3-series, and Fsv2-series Azure VM Types

Along with simplifying deployment and extending policy enforcement in Microsoft Azure, VM-Series firewalls now run on additional Azure VM types:

  • Dv3: D8_v3, D16_v3
  • Dsv3: D8s_v3, D16s_v3
  • Fsv2: F8s_v2, F32s_v2

Latest VMware NSX-T and NSX-V Certifications

Palo Alto Networks work closely with VMware to ensure that VM-Series firewalls work well with and are certified for the latest NSX releases, including VMware NSX-T 3.1  and NSX-V 6.4.8 Certification.

Aryaka Partner Driven Qualification

VM-Series firewalls are partner-qualified by Aryaka to run on the Aryaka 2600 and Aryaka 3000 hardware platforms.

For more information on the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls, please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.