30-60-90 Day Plan

First Steps

Get access to the partner portal, engage with the Exclusive Networks team for enablement sessions, then make sure to take your NSE 1 and 2 online.

Start to build your Fortinet pipeline. Learn how to deal reg opportunities over $10k. Engage with presales for demos or consider an NFR unit.

Learn how CTAPs can help shorten the sales cycle, try one of your own, you’ll also need a technical person to take and pass the NSE 4 exam.

Partner Portal

If you haven’t already registered for the Fortinet Partner portal, get started with access now. It’s got all the information you need to start familiarise yourself with product and process information.

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A minimum of two people from your organisation must pass basic cybersecurity training level FCF Fortinet Certified Fundamentals which teaches you about the threat landscape. Available online, through the Fortinet NSE Institute Platform, they’re free and quick to complete.

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Partner Enablement

We’re here to help you. Book an enablement session with the team either for a product overview, a general introduction, help with the portal and marketing or any other queries.

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Promotions & Rewards

Find out about the latest promotions & rewards available from Fortinet to help you displace the competition, earn cashback and make instant savings to grow your business.


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Social Tools

87% IT Buyers use social media to research solutions before engaging with sales so maximise your social presence. Use Fortinet’s free Go Social tool, add your social media accounts for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, then pick, edit, and schedule ready-made Fortinet posts.

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Health Check

Get an introduction to the Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP). A free network security health check service you can offer, CTAP provides a comprehensive vulnerability report with actionable recommendations.



Run Your Own CTAP

Take advantage of our CTAP loan pool and pre-sales expertise to run your own CTAP. We can shadow your first one and teach you how to run these yourself as well as demonstrate how to present the report back to the customer for best conversion. Ask us about how an NFR unit can be used for demo or CTAP purposes.

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FCA Fortinet Certified Associate

The certification you need to qualify for Select Partner status is for one of your technical team to take the FCA Fortinet Certified Associate course and pass the exam. We have special Fortinet course rates for partners and can help you with exam voucher costs.

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Make Sales

You’re almost there! There is a revenue threshold to progress to Select. We can help you build a plan to achieve that, showing you how to use deal registration, trade up and upsell/cross sell complementary Fortinet products solutions that offer your customer an all-in-one solution and quickly get you to the sales volume requirements.

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