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Case Studies


Helping exponential-e navigate the changing threat landscape

The cyber security threat landscape is always changing. As quickly as risks are perceived and blocked, cyber criminals are already developing new lines of attack. Understandably, this poses an ongoing problem for organisations who offer cyber security services to their clients. To meet this challenge head on, service providers require robust and flexible infrastructure which enables them to offer an appropriate level of security to their end user customers…

case study




Node4 makes enterprise-class protection
available to companies of all sizes

UK-based Node4 is a leader in providing fast-growing organisations with access to the most effective and flexible IT infrastructure and solutions to support their operations; leaving them free to focus on running their businesses. The company provides a comprehensive suite of colocation, cloud, collaboration, and managed security services, utilizing three world-class data centres connected using a high-performance multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network…

case study



Infosec Partners

Delivering compelling security services to worldwide client base

Infosec Partners’ extensive experiences with Fortinet and SentinelOne in IT/OT environments has made it the MSSP of choice for clients across a wide number of industries, including airports, power generators and distributors, and critical infrastructure assets, systems and networks. “Traditionally companies have paid double to separately cover their IT and OT infrastructures: We’re able to provide unified protection of both environments”…

case study




Superior security solutions for schools migrating to the cloud

Local Education Authorities increasingly are no longer providing networks or schools and are offering the service out to the market. Talk Straight has successfully secured a significant amount of this business. As part of its ongoing service, Talk Straight needed to implement both a security and filtering solution for its schools. Traditionally, Talk Straight has used Fortinet devices delivered at site, however, two years ago the company started the process of migrating towards a cloud-based solution, built on Fortinet…

case study