GO Virtual Partner Incentive

Earn enablement and pipeline rewards for VM-Series and CN-Series

The GO Virtual Partner Incentive will reward Palo Alto Networks partners for completing enablement and conducting Ultimate Test Drives from December 10, 2020 to July 31, 2021.

There are two ways a NextWave partner can earn:

They either complete the required enablement VM-Series Enablement Kit and the CN-Series LevelUp, or they use the Ultimate Test Drive (UTD) scheduler and lead one of the four eligible (Virtualized Datacenter, VM Series on Amazon Web Services , VM-Series on Google Cloud Platform, VM-Series on Microsoft Azure) UTDs plus provide an opportunity or deal registration number on the claim form. The NextWave partner must use the UTD scheduler and the UTD must be led by a NextWave partner representative who holds either a Palo Alto Networks PSE: Professional or a PCNSE accredited technical certification.

You can access the Incentive collateral and details in the NextWave Incentives section of the NextWave partner portal.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for more information on the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and CN-Series Software Next Generation Firewalls or the GP Virtual Partner Incentive.