Solve Alert Fatigue and Prevent Breaches

Exabeam Alert Triage helps security teams make sense of all third-party security alerts generated across the organization

Exabeam, the security analytics and automation company, announced Exabeam Alert Triage, a new cloud-native application that will help security analysts confidently wrangle the overwhelming number of alerts coming at them each day from a myriad of other third-party vendor tools. Alert Triage enriches alerts with context and presents them in a single screen so analysts can make faster decisions about which alerts to escalate or dismiss. It also ensures analysts don’t miss the critical alerts that require escalation to prevent breaches.

The traditional triage process requires analysts to first determine what the alert is for (users or entities), gather the right contextual information (positions, locations, sources, etc.), and then sift through logs to determine the priority of the alert. Next, an analyst must decide whether or not to escalate it for further review. Blending traditional triage workflows with context generated from machine learning-based analytics, Alert Triage does this time-consuming and tedious work automatically. It categorizes, aggregates, and enriches alerts with contextual data including host, IP, severity of alerts, related behavioral anomalies and overall risk scores of associated users and entities.

Alert Triage benefits include:

  • Centralizing the alert triage process and organizing an analyst’s triage efforts enables analysts to review alerts faster.
  • The ability to categorize alerts allows managers to create and assign channels to team members.
  • An analyst can triage alerts in aggregate batches, which boosts their productivity.

Read more about Exabeam’s Alert Triage here:

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