Advanced Threat Prevention : Being active – before misuse can become active

Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are intelligent and properly bite-sized tools that actively monitor traffic. Palo Alto Networks’ Advanced Threat Prevention is the industry’s first IPS to offer 96 per cent defence against web-based Cobalt Strike C2 and 48 per cent detection of evasive and unknown C2 compared to other leading IPS solutions. Dogs that bark don’t bite? With PAN, no one should rely on that.

Here are the key benefits at a glance:

– Reduced business risk and lower costs for a standalone IPS.
– Precise insights into attacks and securing, so the customer is protected
– Scan all traffic for threats, regardless of port, protocol or encryption
– Automatically block known malware, vulnerabilities and C2 with 100% effectiveness

Offer Palo Alto Networks Advanced Threat Prevention to your customers

Contact your BDM team in the coming days and let them show you the possibilities Exclusive Networks offers to enable maximum security for your customers based on Palo Alto Networks Advanced Threat Prevention.

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