Prevent network disruptions before they happen with Palo Alto Networks’ AIOps solution

The Palo Alto Networks AIOps Next-Generation Firewall solution revolutionises firewall operations with ML-powered insights for an optimal security posture. Enable your customers to proactively address today’s key challenges, such as misconfigurations, human error, best practice compliance, resource utilisation, hardware and software failures.

Here are the key benefits at a glance:

  • Easy and fast deployment, maximum security, minimum downtime.
  • The industry’s first domain-centric AIOps solution for NGFWs.
  • Machine learning to analyse telemetry data
  • Reliable predictions for performance and capacity issues

Offer Palo Alto Networks AIOps for NGFW now

Reach out to your BDM team in the coming days to see what Exclusive Networks can do to help your customers achieve maximum firewall security based on Palo Alto Networks AIOps for NGFW.

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