Dynamic Deception for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Building a comprehensive security strategy for the real-time, actionable detection of a cyber attack

The implementation of a comprehensive cyber security plan to protect Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), including SCADA, is critical to protecting

  • confidential company information,
  • complying with applicable laws,
  • preserving a good company image,
  • and maintaining safe and reliable operations.

A defense-in-depth approach to cyber security reduces risk with each effective layer of protection and combines a mix of defense and offense measures for the maximum protection against a breach. The implementation of a Dynamic Deception solution for IACS provides the real-time visibility into threats that have bypassed prevention solutions and the detailed forensics required to block, quarantine, and remediate the infected device. This should be a critical element for any organization working toward building and maturing their defense-in-depth security measures.

Some might suggest that SCADA devices are more vulnerable than an average laptop or computer given the additional physical access to these devices, use of default passwords, and the challenges associated with keeping them patched against vulnerabilities. In a SCADA environment, it is critical to take an assumed breached posture in protecting against cyber attacks. Because attackers can and will get inside the network, deception technology takes an alternative approach to protecting against threats. Instead of adding more technology to the infrastructure to keep the attacker out, deception takes the stance that they are already in the network and lures the attacker into engaging and being detected before they can complete their mission.

Download the Attivo White Paper “Dynamic Deception for Industrial Automation and Control Systems” here to read more about using deception technology to protect IACS and SCADA environment, including various use cases, or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.