Winning Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a form of malware designed to encrypt important files on a device, rendering them unusable. The malware operators then demand a price (ransom) for a decryption key or software that can restore the files to their original data. Over the last few years, ransomware attacks became increasingly prevalent, and there’s been an additional surge with Covid-19. Some ransomware also began exfiltrating their victim’s data to hold as additional leverage1.

Ransomware attacks are multi-faceted – an initial breach is not enough. An attacker or malware must also spread across the network before beginning encryption to maximize the damage.If only a single computer is encrypted, they will not have enough leverage to demand a ransom. This fact, that forces ransomware operators to move laterally across the network, opens many opportunities for detection and mitigation points. Preparing your network beforehand with Guardicore Centra can reduce your attack surface and help mitigate and contain any possible damage from ransomware before you’re even aware you’re hit.

Using Guardicore Centra visibility features can both detect malware presence faster and react to it sooner.

Download Guardicore’s White Paper «Winning Against Ransomware» here to read more about how micro-segmentation can help you prevent initial infection and cut the killchain, as well as the importance of backups and their protection, segmenting critical data services, and detailed response plans. The White Paper also describes detection and response measures the Guardicore Centra platform offers once you are hit.

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