AWS Public Cloud Security with Forescout

As your workloads move to the cloud, how do you assess, classify and control devices and VMs that you can’t see?
How do you protect cloud-based workloads that are running on infrastructure not owned and operated by your enterprise?

Extend visibility and control from the campus to your private and public clouds

With Forescout CounterACT®, you can extend visibility and control from the campus to your private and public cloudsall with a single pane of glass. Hybrid cloud security becomes a logical extension of how you secure managed, unmanaged and IoT devices in the physical world.

Forescout helps you secure your data center and hybrid cloud using your existing security principles and processes, leveraging the products and architectural flexibility that made them a leader in campus cybersecurity. Their physical and virtual appliances let you:

  • Discover, classify and monitor devices and VMs in real time as they connect to your physical and virtual networks— without requiring agents
  • Perform policy-based device and VM management
  • Allow, deny or segment virtual machines and cloud instances based on policy compliance
  • Manage your hybrid clouds without requiring software agents or previous knowledge of devices or VMs


Secure your AWS Public Cloud

The Forescout CounterACT AWS Base Module provides out-of-the-box integration with Amazon EC2. You centrally manage and enforce consistent security policies across campus and cloud environments using the same Forescout solution and management interface.

Among other things, CounterACT’s policy-based controls let you:

  • Gain visibility and assess security posture of your server instances—on-premises and in the public cloud
  • Protect your EC2 instances by segmenting or isolating them based on their classification and compliance posture
  • Identify and remediate misconfigured or non-compliant EC2 instances and detect and prevent unauthorized access

Download the Forescout Secure Cloud Computing Solution brief here here.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more about how to secure your AWS Public Cloud, your Private Cloud and unmanaged IoT devices with Forescout or visit the Forescout Website (