Cloud Workload Protection With Prisma Cloud

Cloud Workload Protection With Prisma Cloud

Secure hosts, containers, and serverless across the entire application lifecycle

Cloud-native applications of modern enterprises are increasingly distributed across VMs, hosts, containers, Kubernetes and serverless architectures. Unique security requirements for each make workload protection a challenge.

Shift left and engage with DevOps early

To secure cloud native applications, security must be addressed before deployment. You can scale these efforts with a consolidated platform that integrates vulnerability scanning and hardening checks into the CI/CD workflow.

Manage risk with a single view of your environment

A centralized dashboard normalizes disparate data, enabling SecOps to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize risk across hosts, containers and images, and serverless functions.

Leverage automation for more comprehensive protection

Automatically build a baseline application behavior as soon as applications are deployed to scale security across any environment. Easily customize protection to meet the needs of any environment.

By securing your cloud-native applications with Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud you can ensure complete coverage across the application lifecycle:

  • Secure virtual machines (VMs) on any public or private cloud
  • Secure Kubernetes and other container platforms on any public or private cloud
  • Secure serverless functions across the full application lifecycle
  • Protect against Layer 7 and OWASP Top 10 threats in any public or private cloud

Download your copy of tthe e-book «The Complete Guide to Kubernetes Security» here or contact your local Exclusive Networks Acccount Manager to find out more about the benefits of securint cloud workloads with Prisma Cloud.