New Software NGFW Licensing and Consumption Model

New Software NGFW Licensing and Consumption Model

With the adoption of public/private clouds, software-defined data centers and branches, and virtualized infrastructure customers have become accustomed to consuming infrastructure with maximum flexibility. Palo Alto Networks’ new consumption model allows customers to consume the Software next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) (VM-Series and CN-Series), Cloud-Delivered Security Services (security subscriptions), and Virtual Panorama used to protect these types of environments with a similar level of flexibility. This provides the following benefits for customers:

  • Maximizes vertical scalability of Software NGFWs by removing the rigid “firewall model” construct and allowing customers to flexibly add cores (or vCPUs) and memory to increase performance and scale
  • Maximizes ROI and protection of long-term security investments by enabling customers to flexibly leverage the ideal Cloud-Delivered Security Services and firewalls suited to their use cases, even as needs change over time
  • Simplifies the procurement process by allowing customers to consume Software NGFWs and Cloud-Delivered Security Services – including newly released security services – without going through another multi-month procurement cycle to just add one more subscription on existing firewalls
  • Helps customers to better track the consumption and deployment of their network security resources across on-premises and cloud environments — all from customer support portal

Additionally, Software NGFWs provides the following benefits to Palo Alto Networks sellers:

  • Make more money over time by moving to a subscription model rather than perpetual licenses, which allows sellers to charge for firewalls as well as Cloud-Delivered Security Services at the time of renewal
  • Simplifies sales cycle by moving to a single licensing model
  • Makes it easier to sell newly released Cloud-Delivered Security Services by eliminating the use of fixed bundles and allowing customers to start using new services through the Customer Support Portal as soon as they become generally available

For more information on the new consumption model, please check the Palo Alto Networks NextWave Partner Portal or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.