Complete security with SentinelOne and Proofpoint

Complete security with SentinelOne and Proofpoint

SentinelOne recently announced a partnership with Proofpoint to orchestrate unified ransomware protection. With SentinelOne Singularity XDR and Proofpoint TAP, customers gain all the benefits of threat intelligence and layered detection and response. From where security begins to where security reaches its current maximum, SentinelOne and Proofpoint provide compelling end-to-end threat protection.

Based on the integration, Proofpoint TAP provides visibility into email-based threats and feeds data to the SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform to provide comprehensive protection.

Here’s an overview of the common features:

  • Device, inbox and data visibility.
  • Autonomous remediation such as kill, quarantine and even undo of malicious activity
  • Real-time information sharing for proactive protection across the enterprise
  • Proactive isolation of devices, users and inboxes
  • Multi-tenant enterprise management

Chuck Fontana, SVP Business Development, SentinelOne:

“Threats today come from everywhere. Attackers continue to use phishing techniques and exploit the weakest point in cybersecurity, humans. Proofpoint and SentinelOne are positioned just right to solve this problem.”

D.J. Long, vice president, Proofpoint:

“Regardless of the level of sophistication, modern cyberattacks, including ransomware, share a common characteristic: they target the inbox. Proofpoint’s integration with SentinelOne will help organizations unify cybersecurity defenses, secure the inbox and avert all related threats.

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We think ransomware belongs in the trash. And we guarantee your customers think so too. Contact your sales team in the coming days and let us show you what the joint SentinelOne and Proofpoint solution can do for you and your customers. For the latest information, click here.