With Proofpoint, your customers are on the safe side

With Proofpoint, your customers are on the safe side

Maximum capability for minimum risk: Proofpoint’s platform enables intuitive compliance, insider risk and data management controls to classify and predict risks across a wide range of digital communication channels, files, emails and endpoint activities. This gives responsible managers and, more importantly, legal teams the best possible view of growing volumes of corporate data – and the ability to identify and eliminate relevant risks in real time.

Here’s an overview of the key benefits:

  • Unified data capture and retention: your customers can easily manage content from platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Meta, LinkedIn, Slack, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Real-time automated risk detection: your customers can automate the detection of communication trends to identify the source of monitored insider risk.
  • Deduplication of monitoring flags: Compliance, IT, and legal teams can significantly reduce the time spent reviewing data by bypassing previously flagged content.
  • AI-powered data discovery with case management: any of your customers can interactively track communications data history and review content in the native chat view.

Kevin Leusing, General Manager Compliance, Proofpoint:

“Organizations are faced with ever-increasing amounts of data. For compliance and legal staff, this means manually sifting through and reviewing petabytes for compliance, regulatory or investigative purposes. Our Intelligent Compliance Platform provides all the capabilities here to simplify and detect non-compliant content.”

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