Comprehensively link cybersecurity investments to business outcomes.

In the past, IT leaders have mostly been unable to reliably link cybersecurity budgets to business outcomes. SecurityScorecard’s CRQ portfolio, now available, does just this. Executives, CISOs, and risk managers can now get a comprehensive view of each organization’s cyber risk. Decision-makers can thus understand cyber risks in financial terms and incorporate them into a holistic analysis of business risks. Thus, they can help their companies better analyze the costs and benefits of cyber investments.

Here’s an overview of SecurityScorecard’s key CRQ capabilities

  • Scalable risk quantification methodology: By continuously monitoring more than 12 million organisations, SecurityScorecard’s analysis is based on a consistent, data-driven cybersecurity approach to provide a real-time view of risk.
  • Contextual view of cyber risk: SecurityScorecard directly connects the financial impact to the security issues that lead to losses.
  • Multiple Risk Quantification Frameworks: Multiple frameworks are integrated with CRQ capabilities to facilitate CRQ assessment and implementation.

All further information on Cyber Risk Quantification with SecurityScorecard can be found here.