Malicious bots also pose significant risk to your customers.

Imperva is currently releasing the Imperva Bad Bot Report 2022, the ninth annual detailed analysis of bot traffic on the Internet by Imperva Threat Research. Bad bots, software applications that perform automated tasks with malicious intent, were responsible for a record 27.7% of all global website traffic in 2021, up from 25.6% in 2020. The three most common bot attacks were account takeover (ATO); content or price scraping; and scalping to obtain limited-availability items.

Bots as the basis for automated fraud

Malicious bots are often the first indication of automated online fraud and pose a growing risk to digital businesses and their customers. In 2021, evasive bad bots accounted for 65.6% of all bad bot traffic. These types of bots use the latest evasion techniques, such as traversing random IP addresses, penetrating through anonymous proxies, altering identities, and mimicking human behavior to evade detection. These bots enable the misuse of websites, mobile apps and APIs. Successful attacks can lead to the theft of personal information, credit card data, and loyalty points.

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