Defend Cloud-Native Workloads with Prisma Cloud

Secure containers, hosts and functions across the application cycle

The cloud native landscape is constantly evolving with new technologies and levels of abstraction. Hosts, containers and serverless workloads provide unique benefits and have different security requirements. Prisma Cloud provides best-in-class solutions for securing any type of cloud native workload, throughout the development lifecycle.

Prisma Cloud is the only security platform you need to protect your cloud native environments, including hosts, containers and serverless applications, against vulnerabilities and active threats – using automated machine learning to build 4D models of known good application behaviors.

Vulnerability Management

Detect and prevent vulnerabilities and misconfigurations throughout the entire development process.

Runtime Security

Prevent threats and anomalies across your hosts, containers, serverless functions and orchestrators. Build automated, ML-driven models that define known good behaviors across process, network, file system and system call sensors.

Application Security

Protect applications and APIs through a powerful combination of web traffic inspection and runtime defense (RASP).

Enable DevSecOps

Integrate security into your IDE, SCM and CI workflows to detect and prevent issues as early as possible. Powerful plugins allow developers to inspect images, IaC templates and functions as well as see vulnerability status every time they run a build. Security teams can prevent compromised assets from ever progressing down the pipeline.

Download the White Paper “Security Challenges in the Cloud” here to learn more about defending cloud-native workloads with Prisma Cloud or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.