What SANS Thinks About Guardicore’s Micro-Segmentation Solution

Gone are the days when perimeter security or traditional segmentation were all you needed to keep your crown jewels safe. As the speed of work and cloud integration increases, traditional security models no longer suffice. Instant visualization of your security posture with context is key. A software-defined segmentation will get you where you need to be in a faster, easier and in a more cost-effective manner. Moreover, it replaces other disparate, time-intensive segmentation methodologies with a single method that works across all environments seamlessly.

SANS analyst Dave Shackleford recently ran Guardicore Centra through its paces, testing the product across a wide variety of environments. After pummeling it with attack scenarios and trying out all its features, he uncovered some interesting insights.

He found that

  • Guardicore Centra is Comprehensive
  • Guardicore Centra is Simple and Easy to Use
  • With Centra, You Can Work At the Speed of Business
  • Beyond Segmentation: Breach Detection, Response Capabilities

Read Dave Klein’s full blog here or read the SANS evaluation report: Securing Assets Using Micro-Segmentation: A SANS Review of Guardicore Centra here.

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