Does your login page need a makeover?

5 Signs Your Login Page May Need a Makeover

Customer expectations are higher than ever. User Experience statistics show, 88% of online shoppers say that, after having a bad user experience, they wouldn’t return to a website. To that end, your application’s login page is often a customer’s first impression of your app, and a key element in maintaining a trusted relationship with existing customers. Do any of the following mishaps look familiar?

It’s hard to find

Considering 18% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order solely due to a “too long / complicated checkout process”, you want your login page to make the process easier, never harder.

You provide an inconsistent login experience

No matter how many products or entry points you have, you should provide a consistent experience across any device your customer is using— and no matter what location they’re signing in from.

You haven’t implemented any new identity features lately

Use the latest trends in identity to make your login page a more seamless experience for your customers.

Customers feel punished for forgetting their password

If you do require customers to create a username and password to login, offering them a self-service password reset can at least save them some frustration if they forget their password.

You’re seeing drop off rates for new customers

Finally, when it comes to logging in versus creating an account, make sure you’re nudging customers in the right direction. Just because a customer made it to your login page doesn’t mean they have an account.

Curious to see how Okta customers are using customer identity to create seamless, secure digital experiences for their customers?

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