Forescout Delivers Data Powered Threat Intelligence

Forescout Announces Vedere Labs to Deliver Data Powered Threat Intelligence

Forescout Technologies, the leader in Active Defense for the Enterprise of Things, announced Vedere Labs as the name of its research team focusing on cybersecurity intelligence and analysis related to threats that target users, devices and networks. In addition, Vedere Labs is launching a new, publicly available Global Cyber Intelligence Dashboard that provides a consolidated view of the global device and threat landscape based on data and analysis collected across multiple networks and regions.

Vedere Labs analyzes, aggregates and enriches data coming from the Forescout Platform and external sources to deliver timely threat indicators, vulnerability disclosures, actor intelligence and mitigation actions. Threat intelligence developed by Vedere Labs is delivered to the Forescout Platform to provide automated cybersecurity assistance to Forescout customers, as well as to the broader cybersecurity community, including cybersecurity agencies and researchers, software organizations, governments and device manufacturers.

Vedere Labs is uniquely positioned to discover and analyze new threats thanks to over 30 billion data points collected from real IT, IoT, IoMT and OT devices across the world and corresponding risk and behavior profiles. Access to this rich multi-dimensional data enables Vedere Labs to discover new attack vectors, analyze tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) as they emerge, and evolve and quantify the global impact of these threats.

Read the full press release here or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more about actively defending the Enterprise of Things with Forescout.