Introducing Gigamon Application Intelligence

Gigamon has introduced Gigamon Application Intelligence, a pioneering set of capabilities for getting the visibility and the context needed to discover, manage and secure your customers’ complex application environments.

Gigamon Application Intelligence is key to managing new applications that are at the heart of every organization’s digital transformation journey. These new apps can span a dozen tiers across hybrid networks, making it impractical for current tools to achieve required levels of visibility for managing customer experience, security and compliance.

As an industry first, Gigamon democratizes application awareness by providing ecosystem tools the ability to visualize each app, extract an app or its component’s traffic for precise analysis, and use app metadata to help ensure strong customer experience and security. Gigamon’s application-aware visibility accelerates the industry’s move towards digital transformation.

The primary audience for the new Application Intelligence solution is VP level leader with both netops and secops responsibilities.

The problems they are facing are:

  • Effective deployment, monitoring and security of new digital applications is the lifeblood of any organization’s digital transformation journey and yet can be noisy, chaotic and prone to risk.
  • Digital applications’ uptime and customer experience is more important and yet obtaining visibility across all tiers and networks to keep them high performing and safe is now exponentially harder.
  • There are more blind spots than before, thus attack surface area is much bigger, making these apps a prime target for the cybercriminal.

Customer Benefits:

  • Organizational agility and higher levels of security are achieved through the ongoing visibility of digital app usage across highly distributed and dynamic environments.
  • Application Intelligence removes “noise” and brings clarity to each tool to see and analyze precisely the applications that are relevant for it, thus dramatically increasing that tool’s effectiveness and efficiency, and decreasing security vulnerability.
  • Full control of network traffic with the ability to help ensure the most relevant application traffic is delivered to the appropriate tool out-of-the box, using powerful traffic control.
  • Enhanced ability to pinpoint lateral movement of malware and shadow IT activities for a faster time to detection, forensics, isolation and remediation of threats.
  • App metadata helps improve customer experience and security of the new digital apps. Rich data can drive correlation and offer more data points to triangulate current posture making apps more high performing and secure.
  • The amount of manual labor exponentially decreases with Gigamon Application Intelligence, significantly reducing the manual effort needed to identify applications and filtering them to the right tool.

Why is this important to Gigamon partners?

  • Increases the level of your customer conversations about Gigamon to include relevance to their digital transformation efforts.

Learn more about this Innovative Solution on the Gigamon website or contact you local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.