New Enhancements to Forescout’s OT Network Monitoring and Intelligence Platform

Enterprise Command Center (ECC)

With SilentDefense 4.0, users can now monitor a fleet of remote ICS networks from a single pane of glass to analyze issues holistically, including devices involved and context of an alert. An optional selective scanning technology provides even deeper asset visibility. Building on our partnerships and research, this release also offers extended OT, IT and smart meter protocol support

Global asset visibility for multi-site and geo-distributed network deployments delivers seamless IT-OT security and risk management.

  • Exceptional user experience
  • Single pane of glass visualization
  • Seamless event navigation
  • Unified configuration & policy management

ICS Patrol

Deeper asset visibility and security with ICS Patrol: ICS Patrol is an optional, passive-driven active sensor that allows OT-specific scanning of IT and OT devices. Forescout now offers customers passive anomaly detection with proactive cybersecurity capabilities to non-intrusively extend ICS network visibility and operating intelligence.

  • More detailed asset inventory
  • Deeper assessment of vulnerabilities and risks
  • Improved threat hunting capabilities
  • Easier standards and regulatory compliance

New Protocols Supported

Further Innovations for OT and automation partner integrations: Forescout now offers extended protocol support for key technology partners, such as ABB, Emerson and Yokogawa, extending the visibility of non-IP low level devices.

Solutions for smart meters: Forescout continues to take steps toward full IIoT coverage with the inclusion of DLMS/COSEM protocol support which is critical for the visibility and management of smart meters

ICS / OT Protocols

  • Yokogawa (CAMS, VNet IP WAN, HART)
  • ABB (CNCP, RNRP, SES_92)
  • Siemens (SINEC H1)
  • Emerson / Fischer (ROC)

Smart Meter Protocol


IT Protocols

  • RIP
  • HSRP

Please visit the Forescout website Forescout website for more information on SilentDefense OT security or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.