Exabeam: Deliver unprecedented performance with New-Scale SIEM.

Exabeam: Deliver unprecedented performance with New-Scale SIEM.

The New-Scale SIEM product portfolio is built on the cloud-native Exabeam Security Operations Platform and provides all the capabilities to tackle attackers with advanced threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR). Exabeam’s new cloud-native product portfolio is significantly less expensive than competitive offerings and is built on an open platform that can integrate more than 500 different third-party products and includes nearly 8,000 pre-built parsers, significantly reducing deployment, provisioning and uptime times.

Customers are switching to Exabeam New-Scale SIEM – and with good reasons.

Jerry Larsen, IT Security Manager, Patrick Industries:

“Exabeam is our holistic security operations platform that provides and coordinates automated visibility, detection, analysis, investigation and response across our key operating environments. We have multiple ERP systems that all need to be protected, and Exabeam does the job better than any other SIEM we looked at.”

Peter Fröchtenicht, National Service Manager – Security and Compliance, NEC Australia:

“At NEC Australia, securing data, users, devices and infrastructure is of paramount importance. Having comprehensive and accurate visibility into our IT environment and the ability to identify what may be considered normal behavior is critical. Using Exabeam’s SIEM has enabled our team to effectively prioritize security alerts.”

Michael DeCesare, CEO Exabeam sums up New-Scale SIEM:

“Security teams consistently face the problem of defending against complex threats and changing attacker behaviors. Exabeam brings the best product to market for this problem – and that’s why more and more of the world’s largest companies rely on us. We combine behavioral analytics with the world’s most advanced data lake to ingest, analyze, store and search data in real time from anywhere. The SIEM space was ripe for an evolution – and New-Scale SIEM is that evolution.”

Here’s the overview of the new Exabeam products’ portfolio of capabilities

  • Exabeam Security Log Management to ingest, parse, store and search log data with powerful dashboarding and correlation.
  • Exabeam SIEM at hyperscale with fast search and powerful correlation, reporting, dashboarding and case management.
  • Exabeam Fusion – New-Scale SIEM enables scalable security log management, powerful behavioral analytics and automated TDIR.
  • Exabeam Security Analytics provides automated threat detection by analyzing user and entity behavior with correlation and threat data.
  • Exabeam Security Investigation enables TDIR based on user and entity behavior analytics, correlation rules and threat data, supported by alerts, incident management, automated triage and response workflows.

For more information on Exabeam’s current product portfolio, click here.