More Forescout, more security

More Forescout, more security

In our view, Forescout is doing everything right. The Forescout experts are constantly pushing the issue of security – and are once again demonstrating that they are not letting go of the reins. The latest example: In order to obtain a fully representative data set for the current device landscape in corporate networks, Forescout analyzed device data from the Forescout Device Cloud – one of the world’s largest repositories for networked corporate device data – in the first half of 2022. The anonymized data comes from Forescout customer deployments and includes information on nearly 19 million devices.

Analyze problems, provide solutions

Clear message: enterprises need a proper risk assessment to understand how their attack surface is growing. However, assessing device risk is not easy. For example, determining whether or not a device is vulnerable requires detailed classification information, such as device type, manufacturer, model and firmware version.

Simple example: HP

Simply classifying a device as an “out-of-band controller” (function) or as an “HP iLO” (manufacturer and model) is not enough to determine if the device is vulnerable. One also needs the model version. In addition, some HP printers are also vulnerable, but they receive automatic firmware updates, so determining whether a printer is vulnerable depends on the manufacturer, model and a firmware version that may change automatically with an unscheduled update.

Responding correctly with the Forescout Continuum Platform

The Forescout Continuum Platform solves the problem of risk assessment by continuously detecting, classifying and evaluating devices. Benefit to your customers: Once they understand risky attack surfaces, they can significantly mitigate all risks through automated controls, rather than just for silos like the IT network, the OT network, or specific types of IoT devices. Forescout Continuum enables these types of controls by accelerating the design and implementation of dynamic network segmentation across the digital terrain.

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