New opportunities with Exabeam and Google Cloud

New opportunities with Exabeam and Google Cloud

Exabeam will continue to develop and enhance its cloud-native solutions for SIEM and cybersecurity analytics on Google Cloud, effective immediately. It should be clear to everyone that this move will enable new, almost limitless possibilities for data ingestion, speed and scale.

The best possible decision

Exabeam makes it clear that the decision to go with Google Cloud was by no means made shirt-sleeved. It was only after testing several cloud providers in the market that they chose Google Cloud. Specifically, for the Data Analytics product family, including BigQuery, Dataflow and Looker, because they are very scalable and enable exactly the technological advancements that Exabeam is looking for.

Quote Michael DeCesare (CEO, Exabeam).

“Exabeam differentiates itself from other SIEM vendors by leveraging the machine learning-based cyber analytics product. With this version of our product, we become fully cloud-native and offer previously unavailable performance, scalability and cost efficiency.”

Quote Adam Geller (Chief Product Officer, Exabeam).

“Google Cloud enables us to significantly accelerate our product innovation, resulting in cutting-edge features and capabilities to overcome the challenges of data proliferation and threat detection, investigation and response.”

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