Tanium XEM: Security under a single platform

Tanium XEM: Security under a single platform

While security budgets increase every year, the security gap often doesn’t improve. And sometimes it even gets bigger. The core problem: The different tools used to protect endpoints not only affect performance and visibility, but also create silos. That’s because the tools are used by different teams. The resulting silos make it extremely difficult to build a comprehensive picture of the environment in real time.

Maximum convergence with Tanium XEM

By converging IT management and security operations on one platform, Tanium provides the ability to detect threats and comprehensively secure teams, endpoints and workflows via XEM. The integrated offering enables a single source of information and connects IT operations, security and risk teams. Tanium consistently and reliably defends every team, endpoint and workflow. The integrated offering brings disparate teams together for a common goal: protecting critical information and infrastructure.

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