Find your hidden assets

Quickly discover and take control of hardware and software assets across the organization.

The Problem with Traditional Asset Discovery and Inventory Tools

Traditional asset discovery and inventory tools:

  • Are blind to many devices and asset details and cannot even identify everything they find.
  • Are not resilient to change in the environment, and struggle to track off premise assets.
  • Are fragmented and require multiple point solutions, and overburden network connections.

Traditional asset discovery and inventory tools make it needlessly difficult to create and maintain a comprehensive and accurate inventory of the endpoint environment in real time.

Tanium helps you continuously monitor assets within the environment, with each endpoint acting as an individual sensor.

By maintaining consistent visibility into managed and unmanaged devices, Tanium provides a current, accurate inventory of hardware and software assets across the environment, empowering other Tanium workflows or enriching existing data stores such as a CMDB.

With Tanium you can

  • discover unknown endpoints
  • collect endpoint data consistently
  • increase endpoints managed
  • catalog lost or unmanaged assets
  • decrease mean-time-to-manage
  • optimize hardware/software investments

By bringing all essential asset data together into one console, Tanium’s solution provides organizations with a powerful, single source of truth.

Find out more about asset discovery and inventory and many more endpoint management and endpoint security & risk benefits on the Tanium website here or contact your local Exclusive Networks account manager.