Forescout CounterACT®

Monitoring, management and policy-based control of managed, unmanaged and unconventional IT and OT devices in real time.

Limited visibility in the network leads to blind spots in your IT. For the majority of endpoint security solutions, you must have updated agents on each of your devices to see and manage them. Therefore, IT security officers typically can not detect unmanaged BYOD endpoints, and they can not see the growing number of IoT devices connecting to networks daily.

Forescout CounterACT offers you the unique opportunity to view, manage and exchange insight into IP network devices among various security tools.

Forescout CounterACT® is an agentless security appliance that dynamically identifies and evaluates network endpoints and applications as they connect to your network. CounterACT quickly identifies the associated user, owner, operating system, device settings, software, services, and patch status, and determines if a security agent is present. In addition, the product provides control, management, and continuous monitoring capabilities for these devices.

CounterACT performs these actions on enterprise devices, personal BYOD endpoints and unconventional devices, in your IT and OT environments – without the need for software agents or previous device knowledge. It integrates easily with your existing environment and typically requires no infrastructure changes, upgrades, or endpoint reconfiguration.

Please contact your Exclusive Networks Account Manager to find out more about the Forescout CounterACT® solution.