Proofpoint Essentials für Microsoft Office 365

Advanced security for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Microsoft provides basic email security features with Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP). It relies on traditional filtering techniques like IP reputation, volume and signature-based anti-virus scans for its email hygiene services. But you need more to protect your people against today’s targeted threats, especially since email is the most reliable way for threats to reach your users. More than 90 percent of targeted attacks start with email. And 99 percent of threats rely on users to run malicious code.

Proofpoint Essentials for Office 365 takes a people-centric approach. It delivers industry-leading email security for SMBs for malware-based threats like malicious attachments or links and malware-free threats like email fraud or credential phishing emails. With our enterprise-class solution, you can protect your users by adding security scrutiny that cannot be matched by traditional approaches.

Getting set up on Essentials for Office 365 is simple and intuitive. You deploy Essentials between the Office 365 environment and the Internet. To route inbound mail to Proofpoint Essentials, you start by changing your MX records. After email is processed by Essentials, it is routed to Office 365. Since Proofpoint sits in front of Office 365, the Proofpoint emergency inbox is activated instantly and automatically when it detects an Office 365 email service outage.

Your users can continue to access email—open, reply and compose. It’s business as usual. Outbound email is routed to Essentials before it goes to the Internet. What’s more, we have a dedicated support team to help you strengthen security for your Office 365 users. We make it easy and hassle-free—just as it should be.

To learn more about Proofpoint Essentials for Office 365 please contact your Exclusive Networks Account Manager.