Forescout + XDR = Perfect Solution

The Forescout XDR solution can really do everything that matters. It has a multi-tenant architecture and supports local data storage. It enables organizations to ingest and enrich data from over 170 security, infrastructure, application, cloud and SaaS sources. The solution also offers over 70 sources of threat data and 1,500 verified detection rules and models.

How it works

Forescout XDR provides users with a globally aggregated view of cyber threats as well as insights into Security Operations Center performance. Forescout XDR enables data from the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution and other security tools to be leveraged to identify, assess and address cyberattacks. In addition, Forescout XDR works perfectly with the Forescout Network Access Control solution. Your customers can use both solutions to reduce attack surfaces and automate incident response workflows.

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Forescout enables automated cybersecurity for IT, cloud and other digital environments. Forescout provides a platform that gives companies visibility into their resources and helps them build a reliable zero-trust architecture, among other things.

And that’s what it’s all about, too: Forescout offers an attractive partner ecosystem for MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers. Forescout also provides your company with comprehensive support in integrating its products and solutions into perfect security services. When it comes to partnering with Forescout, we at Exclusive Networks say “yes” all around.

Learn more about it here in Forescout’s article.

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