Gigamon and Palo Alto Networks Joint Solution

A joint solution with Gigamon enhances the operational efficiency and high availability of Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls.

The Challenge

These days, next generation firewalls are an integral part of most network security systems and, as their value and functionality increases, continual, efficient operation is essential. Ensuring traffic visibility for these devices regardless of the network type or topology and secure network connectivity, even in the event of device failure, is increasingly essential.

Integrated Solution

Palo Alto Networks next generation firewalls prevent threats, and safely enable applications, across a versatile set of high-performance use cases (e.g., Internet Gateway, DC, and SP environments).

Gigamon provides high-availability design options, the ability to deploy easily in asymmetrically routed networks and easily change the deployment mode of your firewalls without time-consuming physical re-cabling and change orders.

Joint Solution Benefits

  • Ensure controllable network connectivity even in the event of device failure
  • Manage asymmetric traffic flows to ensure efficient performance of the organization’s
  • firewall
  • Deploy firewalls out of band with full functionality to test performance and then move inline at the
  • touch of a button
  • Aggregate or load balance traffic flows to optimize device performance
  • Filter selected traffic to avoid unnecessary processing
  • Generate NetFlow/IPFix from any traffic flow to avoid unnecessary processing

Download here this Joint Solution Brief,

for a more detailed explanation of the joint solution and its benefits.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for more information on the Gigamon or the Palo Alto Networks product offering.