Obtain an all-round reliable cyber hygiene with Tanium

The list of virtual intrusions into businesses and government agencies seems to grow longer every week. Fatalists believe that any cybergang that targets them will succeed. The truth is that in most cases, basic cyber hygiene would deter the attackers.

Pretending the problem will take care of itself is not an option. Neither is investing in complex security tools. In particular, too many tools deployed can make the network less transparent, providing more hiding places for hackers.

Here are the most important measures from Tanium‘s perspective:

Cyber hygiene starts with transparency, including cataloging the hardware and software connected to the network.
It is important to limit the proliferation of tools, which provides cybercriminals with multiple opportunities to hide in networks.
In addition, prompt patching of all software is required to eliminate “configuration drift” and effectively lock down backdoors.

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