The maximum in security: Infinipoint plus Netskope

The maximum in security: Infinipoint plus Netskope

A new security team is making its mark: Infinipoint and Netskope join forces to offer a comprehensive security solution for zero-trust device access. Infinipoint’s integration of device status, risk-based policies and one-click remediation for non-compliant devices makes it the ideal complement to Netskope. So: with the two together, virtually nothing can go wrong.

The challenge for every organization

The growing number of remote workers, coupled with the rise in cyberattacks, has significantly increased the urgency of a Zero Trust security approach to secure device access. Zero Trust reference architectures from the U.S. Department of Defense, NIST and others emphasize more granular security controls for user devices to protect critical data and services.

However, as users access IT resources via new access solutions such as Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), even the strongest user authentication alone is no longer sufficient. What is required today is comprehensive device security to ensure that devices connecting to IT services have a consistent level of security and are audited for compliance with security policies.

The solution at a glance

  • Infinipoint ensures endpoints are secure and continuously compliant when connecting to services through Netskope. Infinipoint performs device identity and security posture verification as part of the Netskope user access flow.
  • Infinipoint extends Netskope’s adaptive access control and enables conditional, granular access policies based on device identity policies.
  • Infinipoint also enables 1-click remediation for unmanaged and non-compliant devices, including the Netskope client installation. The result is an adaptable zero-trust approach to device access while maintaining business continuity without disruption to employees.

Infinipoint plus Netskope: key benefits include

  • Enforce reliable zero trust user and device access policies
  • Control access to sensitive data and applications for non-compliant devices
  • Continuous adaptive access control based on granular device context
  • Automated remediation for non-compliant devices

Need more information?

Simply reach out to your sales team in the coming days to see what the Infinipoint and Netskope partnership can bring to your organization.

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