Exclusive Networks is now the Guardicore Distributor in Switzerland

Guardicore is a data center and cloud security company that protects your organization’s core assets using flexible, quickly deployed, and easy to understand microsegmentation controls. Our solutions provide a simpler, faster way to guarantee persistent and consistent security — for any application, in any IT environment.

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform makes visualizing and securing on-premises and cloud workloads fast and simple. It creates human-readable views of your complete infrastructure – from the data center to the cloud – with fast and intuitive workflows for segmentation policy creation.

Visibility: See Applications and Flows in Context

Centra automatically discovers applications and flows, including process-to-process communications, and creates contextual maps that make understanding activity and creating policies simple.

Application Dependency Mapping: Quickly understand how applications work

Centra correlates network- and process-level activity and shows you how applications communicate with and depend on other IT resources.

Segmentation Policies: Create granular policies that work everywhere

Centra makes it easy to create granular segmentation policies that work seamlessly across any platform, operating system, or environment.

Threat Detection and Response: Detect and respond to threats faster

Centra combines policy-based detection, reputation analysis, and dynamic deception techniques to quickly detect threats and provide actionable intelligence.

File Integrity Monitoring: Detect unauthorized file changes quickly

Centra baselines your sensitive files using cryptographic checksums and detects changes that indicate possible tampering or misconfiguration.

Use Cases for the Guardicore Centra Security Platform include

  • Protecting your digital crown-jewels
  • Adopting Cloud and PaaS Securely
  • Simplifying and Accelerating Compliance

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