Six Ways to Enhance Security with 100 Percent Device Visibility

Network infrastructure continues to grow more complex, driven by growth of devices and platform diversity, cloud adoption and IT and OT convergence. As network complexity continues to rise, organizations are only making incremental network security improvements, leading to a growing visibility and risk gap.

Closing this visibility gap is the most effective way to achieve a positive impact on your network security and risk mitigation efforts. You need a way to discover devices whether they have agents on board or not, whether they’re physical or virtual—regardless of where they’re located. You also need continuous, real-time monitoring and the ability to profile and classify devices the second they attach to your network.

Here are six opportunities to do just that using absolute visibility:

  • Get agentless visibility into all systems, including BYOD, IoT devices and OT
  • Unify visibility and control across data center, campus and cloud environments
  • Meet device and regulatory compliance mandates
  • Automate device inventory and management
  • Do context-aware network segmentation
  • Reduce your window of exposure with orchestrated incident response

Learn more about how you can achieve 100 percent visibility by downloading this document or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.