Identify and contain adversaries with Tanium before they can spread across your network.

Shut down attackers

Identify and contain adversaries with Tanium before they can spread across your network.

With the average cost of a successful attack at nearly $9M, the stakes are high and the pressure is on CISOs to maintain security against evolving threats — and it’s only increasing from their stakeholders and CEOs.

Some of the challenges they face include

  • Shifting between ten different tools – giving conflicting signals without indicators of priority.
  • Counting the hours – it takes to stream endpoint artifacts to the cloud as they hunt down a live attacker.
  • Drowning in false positives – needed to triage before an executive asks for another report.
  • Spending time convincing – your operations team to lock down a threat you’ve identified.

Tanium can help with adaptive, scalable and infinitely extensible threat hunting powered by accurate data to identify and proactively respond to threats in seconds.

Gain Visibility: Know everything now

Search for arbitrary heuristics and indicators of compromise (IoCs) across your environment in seconds.

Take Control: Hunt threats anywhere

Isolate and remediate compromised endpoints without losing operator context or relying on brittle integrations.

Gain Speed: Fix it fast

Investigate managed hosts for suspicious behavior with the same lightweight Tanium agent you use for operations and compliance.

Find Truth: Align teams

Retrieve artifacts for your security operations center and incident response teams and scope lateral attack movement at scale.

Tanium provides a threat hunting solution built with high-fidelity and complete real-time data for

  • Threat Response – Proactively hunt for adversaries using arbitrary heuristics
  • Impact – Quickly identify high-risk accounts and systems to reduce your attack surface
  • Enforcement – Push new policy rules and configurations to endpoints to stay ahead of vulnerabilities

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to request a demo or to learn more about how Tanium can support your team in hunting for threats.